Northcote College of  Education Class of  '68 

Our Golden Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating with Verses and Song!

==========================   November 208   =========================== 
 (Classic Chinese Pair composed by Toomany)  


羅師盛宴慶重逢 Celebration of our NCE Reunion Gathering at our Northcote Grand Banquet Feasting
聞歌起舞確非同 Which still can never match the commencing of the dancing at the sound of music and merry singing
五十週年情未泯 For fifty years apart have not done the dimming of the loving and reconnecting of fifty years’ of friendship growing
期望指曰再相逢! But only made stronger the longing of a soon-to-happen future gathering!
 (by Polly Chan) (by Leonor Hong) (her 'feeble attempt' to rewrite in English)





Daisy Lam, Sun Yet Shui


Chan Fung Fun Chun


Joseph Chan, Tennessee Leung


Johnny Wu


Eddie Chan     
(by Paul Choi)

                  Our Song  “NCE68+50          v3.1   July 24, 2018                                                                      

Some years ago,       We all went to Northcote.
Although strangers,  We got along quite well.
Two-year lecture(s), And many parties too!
Student practice(s),   We sure survived them all … …!

Somehow ...               We all graduated!
Somehow ...               We became teachers all … …!

Decades later,            Thanks to the Internet,
Reconnected,             We feel like good old time!
While together,         We celebrate our past.
Deep in our hearts,    We thank our Lucky Star … …!

- - - - -  (bridge) Instrumental   - - - - -

Who’d have guess’d,   We entered  N - T – C *,
When we came out,     We hail’d from N - C – E** ?
Timid and shy,             We quickly got transform’d.
Open but firm,             We gladly bond’d for life … …!

Someday ...                  We’ll face the world alone.
Someday ...                  We’ll never walk alone … …!

Let’s raise a glass,       A toast to our friendship!
All inspired,                 We pledge for our future!
Capture the day,          It’s a wonderful life!
Now - forever             We cherish auld lang syne … …!

(by NCE68 & John Bosco)