St. Matthew Cantonese Community (SMCC)  (聖馬 天主教 廣東話 )
St. Matthew Catholic Church, San Mateo, Ca. USA      (天主教 )



California Missions 2017/09

a. Journey from San Diego up to Santa Cruz

Italy-France-Scotland 2016  
   a.  Pilgrimage Thru Italy,France,Scotland 
    Scandinavian Countries 2015/05
  a.  Complete Itinerary
  b.  Group Pictures
Turkey 2013/05
 Pilgrims in Ephesus
  a.  Overview  (dvd)
  b.  Highlights  (dvd) 
  c.  Complete Itinerary (photos)
  d.  Video Clips
  e.  Group Pictures
  f.   Links to external websites:
Photo Album by Edmund Wong


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